Helicopter Medical Evacuation crews have had a longstanding problem of being unable to hear their patients while wearing their helmets.  A solution has been developed and introduced to the market and Merit Apparel has this revolutionary communication system.

Called the “Talk Through” system, it can be installed on most helmets.  How does it work? Small microphones are installed on the exterior of the helmet (see image).  The microphones allow the air medic nurse wearing the helmet to hear the patient without removing the helmet. There is no tether to the aircraft so the device will work onboard or outside the aircraft. The system will come with a volume control and also “compression technology”, so if there is a loud noise, the speakers will automatically shut down to protect the user’s ears.  In addition, there is a port that can be used to plug in an electronic stethoscope or doppler.  So now the Air Medic can listen to the heart beat, breathing, etc of the patient with the HELMET ON the medic head.  The new device will enable the onboard medical attendants to provide a new level of patient care on or off the aircraft. Other applications for this system would include industrial and rescue helicopter operations.

Image of Talk Through helmet communication system

System Benefits:

  • Communicate without helmet removal
  • Operates in the air or on the ground
  • Exceptional speech intelligibility
  • Performs in high and low noise environments
  • Natural 3-dimensional sound reproduction
  • Powered by one 9-volt battery (mounted on helmet)
  • Compatible with electronic stethoscope
  • Simple 1-control operation (on-off / volume control)
  • Lightweight components are fully contained within the helmet
  • Helps satisfy insurance and CAMS requirements for helmet use on and off the aircraft.

If you have an interest in this system call our office and we’ll do our very best to help you learn more about the product.