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    Your flight helmet is a critically important piece of equipment and plays an essential role for every pilot and crew. At Merit Apparel, our top priority is safety but we also know that fit, comfort, function and reliability are major contributors in performing at top levels and getting your job done.

    We also understand that your helmet is a key element in maintaining consistent quality communication links with those on-board and on the ground. Your helmet is designed for passive noise reduction in addition to radio and intercom connections with your team. A low quality or improperly fit helmet and poorly designed communication system can compromise your ability to work seamlessly with your crew. We work hard to make sure these are non-issues for every customer we serve.

    Merit Apparel also provides NOMEX flight gloves that are heat and flash resistant with soft sheep hide palm inserts sewn with NOMEX thread.

    Aviation Helmets

    Our MSA Gallet Flight Helmets are manufactured for use on fixed and rotor wing aircraft. They can be custom configured for pilots and crew members. Primary features of our flight helmets include:

    Gallet Flight Helmets

    • Lightweight & comfortable
    • Customized size for perfect fit
    • Engineered for the most comfortable center of gravity
    • Impact protection
    • Best peripheral vision available
    • NVG compatible with inner visor down for bird strike protection
    • Integrated customizable communication systems
    • Sunlight and wind blast protection
    • Passive noise reduction

    We offer a wide variety of options to customize your helmet to your aircraft, your specialty and your specific job on the aircraft.

    Flying Gloves

    Our flight gloves are worn by U.S. and European military pilots and crew. They are designed to provide high functionality and comfort. Our flight gloves have the following features:

    Nomex Flight Gloves

    • Made of 100% DuPont NOMEX fabric
    • Flash & heat resistant
    • Soft sheep hide palm
    • Sewn with non-melting NOMEX thread
    • Comfortable fit
    • Colors – sage green, tan, black, navy
    • Remain soft & pliable
    • Can withstand high temperature (800 degrees Fahrenheit or 427 degrees Centigrade)

    Our gloves are washable and also available in a variety of sizes.

    We Service What We Sell

    Repair parts and upgrade kits are available for everything we sell. If you don’t see what you need on the website call us and we do our best to help you solve your problem. We are MSA Gallet Certified to do everything and anything to your helmets, including repaint.