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Customized Flight Helmets That Fit & Work Well

Merit Apparel is a premier flight helmets provider that has more than 30 years aviation experience delivering the highest quality custom fit and accessorized flight helmets in the industry.  We understand the work our pilots and crew do and the unique flight environments in which our helmets must perform.  We specialize in fitting and customizing communication options for the MSA Gallet Flight Helmet. You can count on Merit Apparel to provide a helmet that fits well, performs above and beyond your expectations. and is safe every day you wear it.

Experience and Attention to Detail

Merit Apparel stands above our competitors because of our experience, attention to detail, and understanding of how our clients use our products.  We understand that many of our customers work long hours, doing dangerous work in demanding environments that requires peak performance from your equipment.  We are experts in providing customized solutions that meet and exceed all requirements.

That’s why we take time to personally interview every customer and learn as much as we can about the person wearing the helmet and the job they do.  We’ve found this simple step in the specification, fitting and purchase process makes the difference between investing in a helmet that will provide years of reliable and comfortable service and a helmet that will be replaced prematurely.  A flight helmet can be a large investment and we want your helmet to provide years of use and dependable service.

Flight Helmet Customization

The purpose of our business is to design and develop high quality communication gear and optional features that integrate perfectly with the MSA Gallet Flight Helmets.  We use our skills and experience to make your MSA Gallet Flight Helmet meet the unique demands and requirements of your specific needs and responsibilities.   This includes both helicopter and fixed wing applications.

The Genuine Guarantee

At Merit Apparel, we only stock genuine new and unused MSA Gallet flight helmets and parts. You can rest assured you are getting newly manufactured, top quality and genuine flight helmets. We do not sell knockoffs, used or reconditioned or military surplus parts or flight helmets.

NOMEX Flight Gloves

We also offer a full line of US Mil Spec NOMEX Flight Gloves in sage green, tan, black and navy blue.  Standard Mil Spec sizes 6 – 12.

We invite you to take a tour through our website to learn more about our unique products and services.  You won’t find better customer service and flight helmet integrations anywhere.  This is our number one priority.

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