US Coast Guard Advanced Helicopter Rescue School

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When it comes to becoming a highly skilled helicopter pilot, one of the best ways to learn is at a Coast Guard helicopter rescue school. The Coast Guard has a reputation for having one of the best helicopter crews in the world as a result of the intense and regular training that their pilots are required to undergo.

Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue School

Helicopter Rescue Training

Helicopter pilots in the Coast Guard take their skills to the next level by attending the AHRS (Advanced Helicopter Rescue School) where they receive graduate-level training. The program first began as a course for Coast Guard rescue swimmers back in 1996 but soon evolved into a school for all helicopter crew members.

The program is incredibly rigorous, which should come as no surprise considering that it produces the best helicopter pilots in the nation. The program is taught at the Coast Guard Air Station in Astoria, Oregon due to the location’s rough sea conditions, which allows for intense training.

There are eight classes taught every year, four in the fall and four in the winter. Each class lasts five days and contains 16 students, only four of which are pilots. One of the main points of emphasis of the program is to teach crew coordination.

Pilots are taught a variety of techniques under several types of conditions. They will begin by performing flying techniques over smaller seas, gradually working up to larger waves and breaking surf. They will then be taught how to place rescue swimmers on cliffs and how to properly position their helicopters near the vertical surface. During this part of the program, pilots are taught how to analyze the winds and determine how they will be affected by the terrain.

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