Bell Helicopter Introducing a New Drone

Posted on December 19, 2017 by

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Bell Helicopter is one of the biggest helicopter manufacturers in the country. Based out of Fort Worth, they have long been known for their engineering prowess, something that they are now focusing on drones as well as helicopters.

Bell Helicopter V-247 Vigilant Tiltrotor Drone

Image of V-247 Vigilant Tiltrotor Drone by Bell Helicopter

Bell Helicopter is Now Manufacturing Drones

Experts within the technology industry will have no problem pointing out that autonomous vehicles are very much the wave of the future – Google’s self-driving cars are a pretty clear indication of this, as are the increase in the production of drones for commercial use in the past few years. Bell Helicopter is jumping into the autonomous vehicle business now as well with their APT (Automatic Pod Transport) drone, which could end up being implemented by retailers such as Amazon as well as for use by the military.

What makes the APT unique from other drones is its scalability. Bell has designed their drones to be adapted to the needs of their customers. This means that depending on the model, the drone could be small enough to handle loads of 15 pounds as well as big enough to transport upwards of 1,000 pounds. In addition to this flexibility, their drones allegedly fly farther and faster than many of the other drones currently on the market.

Although their drones are designed with commercial use in mind, they will most likely be used for military use only for the moment. This is because drone delivery systems are still in their taste phases at Google and Amazon, and it may take some time to iron out some of the issues that they face, such as communication between all of the drones, potential safety issues and the aviation regulations that are currently presenting a few challenges.

Our Helicopter Gear

While unmanned drones are certainly going to have a big part in the future, the use of piloted helicopters isn’t going anywhere. Bell knows this, which is why they are continuing to design and manufacture the helicopters that they are so renowned for.

Of course, if you’re piloting a Bell helicopter, you’ll want to make sure that you have the proper gear, such as helicopter helmets that can be integrated with a variety of communications packages and options. For the best helicopter equipment on the market, be sure to check out our selection at Merit Apparel. For information about our any of our flight-related products, contact us at Merit Apparel today.

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