Count on 30+ years of experience and exceptional customer service when you buy our DOI & US MIL SPEC-certified Gallet flight helmets and communication systems and products 

Merit Apparel, headquartered in St. Augustine (formerly in Vero Beach), Florida has been providing customized flight helmets and flight gloves for the military, commercial and civilian aviation industry for over 30 years.  The company has helped thousands of aviators stay safe, comfortable and highly productive in their airborne environment for over 30 years. 

Exceptional Customer Service

Merit Apparel takes great pride in providing exceptional customer service and attention to detail on every flight helmet we deliver.  We understand that safety and comfort are the top priority for our customers.  Our goal is to provide a flight helmet that exceeds your expectations.

The MSA Gallet Flight Helmet

Merit Apparel’s unique customization configures the MSA Gallet Flight Helmet to your head and your needs for an excellent fit. The MSA Gallet Flight Helmet line is engineered and designed to meet the diverse requirements of both fixed wing and rotor wing pilots and crew. The new style and design makes these Gallet helmets the lightest weight and most comfortable flight helmets in the industry, while still meeting the U.S. Military and European Specifications.  All flight helmets come complete with an integrated communication system made to the DOI and U.S. Mil-Specs that can be customized to meet your specific flight applications.

Individual Focus and Fit

Merit Apparel is different and stands apart from others providers in the industry because of our commitment to personal service and high quality products.  In every possible case we conduct a personal interview with the helmet buyer.  We believe it is critically important for us to learn as much as possible about our customer’s specialty, the aircraft they are flying and the specific application of the helmet.  This information helps us create a customized helmet and communication system that will be comfortable, last a long time and perform above your expectations.  This makes a Merit Apparel helmet different and better than any other helmet you can buy.

Our Objectives

We consistently strive to provide world class products, exceptional customer service and attention to detail that is unmatched in the industry. No matter if you are a military or civilian aviator we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.